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Premarital Counseling

Are you about to get married/move in together to form a step family? Premarital Counseling is the smartest decision you can make as a couple.

Marriage is a life long journey and requires adequate preparation. Don’t wait for challenges to overwhelm your marriage and family!

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Positive Parenting Program

Parenting is a major role in any family. If not handled well, parenting/step parenting/Co parenting can be the cause of resentment, pain and unhappiness in a step family.

Positive Parenting is a 6 weeks program where weekly, participants go through a series of topics designed to equip them with strategies and tools to successfully parent their children either as the bio parents/step parents.

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Marriage/Relationship Coaching

Amazing relationships don’t just happen.

Your marriage is the center and foundation of a successful family unit. Our Marriage/Relationship coaching will help you

  • Strengthen your bond
  • Learn how to effectively support each other
  • Create/repair relations with the children
  • Become the happy, healthy, loving ‘team’ that your children need you to be
  • Grow together as a couple and as a step family

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