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A blended family is a family consisting of a couple and child/children (his/hers) from previous relations. These are families that have step relations. Blended/Step families are becoming a significant part of our society today due to increase in divorce/separation and not forgetting death.

It is possible to build a happy step family. The Blended Family Network helps and supports step families to achieve successful step family units. We do this through One on One Coaching, Premarital Counseling, Marriage/Relationship Coaching, Positive Parenting Support (step parenting/co-parenting with your ex or parenting as the birth parent).

Blended families are complex and bring different special complications to all the members involved however, with the right tools, skills and support step families can also bring special rewards to its members.

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Premarital Counselling - 97%
Positive Parenting Program - 98%
Marriage/Relationship Coaching - 97%